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ANAT International Inc.

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“Fostering beneficial global relationships that support the growth and exposure of the African trade economy to a worldwide customer base.”



ANAT International Inc. is a Canadian based company which is a leader in Import and Export Consultation, with a particular focus on trading with Africa and the African Diaspora. To date we have completed a variety of conferences with full client satisfaction. ANAT International offers reliable services, providing end-to-end solutions in import and export within the US and Canada, as well as globally across platforms for businesses. These services range from product sourcing to drop-shipping, warehousing and distribution.

Logistics & Warehousing

ANAT provides full-scale 3PL service solutions that are designed to minimize cost and maximize output. From sourcing to buying and warehousing through to transportation and distribution, ANAT offers a platform of experts, advisors and negotiators that can be relied upon to help facilitate efficient import and export transactions across the globe. Our global logistics facility footprint currently sits at over 700,000 square feet of storage and warehouse space.


ANAT acquired the holdings of EnRoute Cargo & Charter in 2020, creating an exclusive air transportation and air cargo service offering for our clientele. ANAT has secured key partnerships with ground and ocean delivery providers, seeking to provide a robust 360 degree distribution and delivery solution across our global network.

Wholesale Food Supplier

ANAT International also specializes in Food and product Imports, Exports & Supplies, providing end-to-end solutions in the Import, Export and wholesaling of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Paste, Tiger Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Palm Oil, Black Soap and Cashew Nuts. Our aim is to be recognised as one of the most reliable exporters of fruits and vegetables from Africa that meet international quality standards. In the future we intend to expand this business focus to other parts of the world.

Agri-Equipment & Machinery

ANAT International is also engaged in the exporting and supply of Agricultural Equipment & Machinery for small, medium and large farms in Africa and the Caribbean. We also source and export motor vehicles to Africa and the Caribbean.

Jute Gunny Bags

ANAT acquired the holdings of EnRoute Cargo & Charter in 2020, creating an exclusive air transportation and air cargo service offering for our clientele. ANAT has secured key partnerships with ground and ocean delivery providers, seeking to provide a robust 360 degree distribution and delivery solution across our global network.


ANAT is Africa’s global marketplace.

Africa is the cradle of civilization itself. Comprised of 54 countries with unique histories and rich cultures, the African continent is home to a tremendous amount of raw materials, crops and innovations critical to global trade and technology markets. The need for a robust, scalable platform to facilitate sustainable and efficient trade of African products to a worldwide consumer base has been apparent for several decades. ANAT is a digital marketplace that showcases the best African products, goods and technology to global customers.

The Alibaba of Africa.

ANAT endeavors to become the leading commerce platform intersecting African manufacturers and producers with a global audience – think the “Alibaba of Africa.” In addition to creating a seamless digital commerce experience across supply chains and customer groups, we aim to truly partner with our vendors in scaling their businesses through providing venture financing, operations training and strategic managerial support. ANAT is a socially responsible company committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate conduct and ethics.

ANAT sits at the intersection of global trade and commerce.

While focusing primarily on showcasing African products, ANAT has cultivated partnerships with a global network of farmers, artisans, makers, creators and manufacturers situated across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, the United States, Central America and the Caribbean.

Importing and exporting goods on a global scale, servicing multiple locales and territories, can be an extremely complex process. ANAT deploys region- specific strategies with regards to developing beneficial trade partnerships and arbitrage opportunities, capitalizing on key existing relationships.

Trusted & experienced advisors.

Our team consists of veteran industry experts who have a deep respect for tradition and best practices, while simultaneously valuing the progressiveness, innovation, transparency and accountability that results from a focus on technological efficiency

A fundamental understanding of how the global goods and commodities marketplace has historically operated, the existing authority structures within supply chains and supplying your executive team with up-to-date intelligence regarding the ever-changing plethora of rules and regulations are some of the critical value-adds you can expect from our ANAT advisors.

World-class logistics, warehousing & distribution services.

Supply chain efficiency management is irrefutably the life-blood for any company or venture involved in the global trade ecosystem in 2021. The intricate balance of variant moving pieces and players involved in keeping the flow of goods and products moving across the planet requires a heightened attention paid to a consistent loop of tracking, data gathering, analysis, measurement and optimization.

Technology is in our DNA.

Dealing with the complex interplay of shipping, customs clearance, forms and other legalities can be challenging for even seasoned trade professionals.

ANAT has long supported industry movement towards automation of many of these processes. ANAT conducts international business activity through using a mix of SaaS technology, shipping logistics, customer service, tracking, analysis & reporting, adhering to the core principles of transparency, visibility and traceability.

ANAT global network of relationships with customs brokers and shipping logistics professionals is advantageous to allowing us to keep informed of industry developments that have an impact on operational decision-making for our vendor partners. Our analysts are consistently tracking metrics such as INCO, CBSA, USCBP and ASYCUDA. Our technology team has created proprietary software that provides up-to-date metrics and a dashboard for visualization of key insights.

Certified African Organic.

ANAT supports the promotion and development of a Certified African Organic standard and an expansion of the African organic foods market.

On a continent where natural agricultural and subsistence farming are widely practiced, shockingly a mere 0.2% of African farmland is considered acceptable for global organic food trade standards. Farmers and producers who regularly avoid using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are still unable to get organic certifications and complain of prohibitively high costs, corruption and non-existent governmental support. ANAT aims to the most globally recognized marketplace for organic African fruits and vegetables of the highest quality.

ANAT specializes in procurement and trade of organic agricultural products, including popular natural products such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Paste, Tiger Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Palm Oil, Black Soap and Cashew Nuts.

Representing 100,000 of Africa’s best farmers.

More than half of the African population in the 2020s consists of smallholder farmers. Agriculture remains a central pillar to many African economies. Over the last two decades ANAT has fostered relationships and painstakingly built a select network of over 100,000 African farms and food production facilities.

Our experience working closely with these farmers and farming communities and gaining intimate knowledge of their daily obstacles has been an inspiration in creating a profit-sharing and micro- investment platform that supports the growth and upscale of our African supply chain.

Supporting global BIPOC startups & businesses

ANAT was founded with the vision of being an inclusive employer and organization, with a global outlook supporting all people while also highlighting a core mission to improve economic inclusion and business opportunity for startups and businesses owned by BIPOC (black, indigenous & people of colour). ANAT encourages our clients and vendor partners to default towards a diversity of identity representation across marketing campaigns, published content, advertising and communications

We are pleased to see many global brands and organizations set ambitious new benchmarks for expanding diverse employee recruitment, increasing diverse representation amongst leadership, and ensuring racially inclusive business communications, especially in the last 18 months.

The ANAT vision is to be a corporate catalyst that plays a leadership role in leveling the playing field for under- represented founders, executive teams, industry professionals and entrepreneurs so that all peoples may have a more equitable future. We are on a mission to support 1 million BIPOC businesses across the Americas and the EMEA by 2030.

Domain dominance & cross-category expertise

Our executive team, advisors and analysts have decades of experience in international business and global trade. Our team members possess domain expertise across numerous sectors, including food & beverage, fashion retail, consumer packaged goods, agriculture, agro-processing, joint venture structuring, supply chain logistics, automotive trade, automation and software.

The ANAT mandate is to help our vendor and supply partners scale through continuous improvement within key operational metrics, especially Financing, Transparency, Traceability and Technology.

ANAT has upheld a high standard for inclusion in our global partner network. ANAT has committed to a comprehensive vetting process when considering farms, factories and facilities that want to join the ANAT ecosystem.

A spirit of partnership and mutual benefit primarily drives our outlook – we are willing to directly invest and support our vendors and suppliers where needed in efforts to amplify and improve the economics for everyone involved.

A vision of sustainable and global African trade

Trevor Fortune, the Founder and CEO of ANAT, has an over 30-year track record of entrepreneurship and business operations within Canada, the Caribbean and across the EMEA. Tasked with visiting African clients and colleagues and exploring various venture opportunities over the years, Trevor made note of the obvious need for a viable, trusted B2B business platform focused on producers and products from the resource-rich continent.

ANAT has evolved into a vertically- integrated digital agri-business marketplace focused on supporting farmers, producers and makers. ANAT (originally founded as Africa-North- America Trade) has a mission of fostering beneficial global relationships that ultimately support the growth and sustained success of the African trade economy with a worldwide customer base.

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