ANAT International Inc.


Let us develop and maintain in progressive, Integrated Organic fresh produce cultivation

We collect organic fresh food & products to provide your business in bulk quantity.

ANAT International also specializes in Food and product Imports, Exports & Supplies, providing end-to-end solutions in the Import, Export and wholesaling of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Paste, Tiger Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Palm Oil, Black Soap and Cashew Nuts. Our aim is to be recognised as one of the most reliable exporters of fruits and vegetables from Africa that meet international quality standards. In the future we intend to expand this business focus to other parts of the world.

To be recognised as one of the most admired exporters of fruits and vegetable from Africa that meet international quality standards. To expand the business to other parts of the world so as to serve our customers more and hence having more and more satisfied customers

To create harmonious supply chain that satisfies a clients with safe and quality produce at one and provides sustainable income and a high standard of living for our team and the selected small scale farmers

Our Values are Excellence, Intellectual Honesty and Integrity, High Client Focus, Creativity, Respect and Trust, Continued Learning.

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Having attained the two certificates Global Gap and BRC, our quality is outstanding in the export market. We have two cold rooms, unprocessed and processed with a holding capacity of 20 tones. ANAT International Inc. produces and exports the following products:

Shea Butter

Cocoa Butter

Palm Oil

Cashew Nuts

Black soap

Cow Peas (Nigeria)

Tomato (Nigeria)

Arabian Gum (Nigeria)

Wheat (Nigeria)

Peanuts (Nigeria)

Soy (Nigeria)

Rice (Nigeria)

Red Onions (Nigeria)

Sweet Onions (Nigeria)

Corn (Nigeria)

Millet (Nigeria)

Sorghum (Nigeria)

Palm Oil Seeds (Nigeria)


Chili Peppers

Bell Peppers


  • We pride ourselves in providing a world class farm produce through meeting the global standard requirements.
  • We have built a long established reputation and forged strong lasting business relationships on the principles of trust and through our investment in people and ethical business practices.
  • We work with our customers in a partnership style approach so that they access top notch products in a consistent manner.
  • We foster team work with our clients which complement our service delivery and strengthen our business relationships.
  • We stay up to date with the latest export market requirements ideal for relevence.
  • We are compliant with the necessary legal and operational regulations hence ensuring authenticity in our business.
  • We have a wealth of business experience having conducted horticultural export business for a large pool of clients in Europe and the Middle East for over seven (7) years.

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