ANAT International Inc.

A full service of Import and Export Consultation, International WareHousing & Distribution Company

ANAT International Inc. is a Canadian based company which is a leader in Import and Export Consultation, with a particular focus on trading with Africa and the African Diaspora. We count among our achievements a successfully organized B2B Conference, a Trade show and Trade missions to Ondo State, Nigeria. To date we have completed a variety of conferences with full client satisfaction. ANAT International offers reliable services, providing end-to-end solutions in import and export within the US and Canada, as well as globally across platforms for businesses. These services range from product sourcing to drop-shipping, warehousing and distribution.

EXPLORE OUR Import and Export Consultation SERVICES...

Our customs consultants can assist you if you are starting a business that requires importing goods or if you are a non-resident importer who wants to handle the customs clearance of your goods in Canada.

Whether it’s a question of importing simple products or more complex products that require special procedures, our consultants are there to guide you. They will be able to inform you about customs regulations and the importance of figuring out the correct HS code in the Canadian tariff.

In addition, they will be able to direct you, if necessary, to the government agency issuing the required permits to import the goods into Canada. You will be able to avoid financial risks due to bad practices and import your products in full compliance.


    • Help in planning your import before making your purchase;
    • Establishing procedures for complex imports and exports;
    • Determining controlled and TRQ goods (permits and licenses);
    • Required documentation for importing or exporting;
    • Business number registration;
    • Planning or refunding GST/HST;
    • Bookkeeping and records in Canada;
    • Sale carriage and duty paid (DPP).

EXPLORE OUR logistics, warehousing & Distribution SERVICES...

At ANAT International Inc. we’ve been serving the warehousing, and logistical needs within the US and Canada. We’ve learned a lot from our 25+ years experience, and are able to serve your business or individual needs of any scale. Positive relationships are an essential building block of our business, and we strive to form lasting bonds with our suppliers, employees, and of course, clients. Take a look at the break down of our services below, and if you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.


We offer full spectrum 3PL service solutions that are designed to minimize your costs, and maximize your bottom line. Our exceptional care with importing/exporting, as well as storage and distribution of commercial goods has gained our clients’ confidence and trust, year after year. Ask about what this core service can do to improve your business today.


With 700,000 square feet of storage and warehouse space, our state of the art facilities, which are equipped with on-line inventory access, can handle any of your Company’s storage needs.

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