ANAT International Inc.

Hello, my name is

Wayne Onkphra

Director of Caribbean, Latin & South American Operations

Wayne Onkphra

Rev. Wayne Onkphra Wells applies his ministry directly to the needs of the people. As a visionary his main passion is to build bridges between the Diaspora and Africa for social and economic development. As a cultural practitioner he blends his spiritual calling to his artistic talents to create a platform of sustainability within the “Economics of Culture.’

In Barbados

He was and still is in the forefront in creating institutional linkages for the empowerment and advancement of the PanAfrican Community.

From 1983 he stood within the vanguard of crafting the foundations for Black History Month. Today in Barbados Black History Month is embraced by ninety percent of both primary and secondary schools and still growing.

As Chairman of The Pan African Coalition of Organizations (PACO) he creates the necessary collaborations between national groups, the Government and foreign Embassies within Barbados towards attainable goals for mutual benefits.

As Chairman of PACO he has the unique opportunity of meeting some of the most creative, and influential persons of the Caribbean.Being part of the vanguard which is shaping the Caribbean Civilization is what he brings to ANAT INTERNATIONAL.

Onkphra as he is fondly called is also the CEO of the studio and gallery Bajan Artforms where he manages the artistic Creations of Barbadian Caribbean and African Artists along with the musical band Onkphra and Lion Soul.

Rev. Wells is currently using his imagineering skills in transforming five acres of land into an African Themed Park which will be the first of its kind in Barbados.